Ancient Olympia

(33 km from Katakolo)

In the archaeological site of Olympia, you can visit the museum and the area in which the remains of ancient buildings have been uncovered. The museum in the courtyard works by contemporary Greek artists while inside you can admire many of the findings of the excavations.


Kourouta Beach

(27 km from Katakolo Port)

One of the largest sandy beaches in the western part of Greece is Kourouta Beach. The beach is well organised and is located northwest of Katakolon, about 27 kilometers from the port. It will take you around  30 – 40 minutes to get there by our motorbikes.


Pyrgos - Municipal Market

(13 km from Katakolo)

In the capital of the prefecture of Ilia. Located duplex remarkable neoclassical building with a basement, interior patio. Arguably the most important landmark building of the city. Today it is a museum.


The MOTO RENT company, operating for many years in the bike rental place, with permanent experienced and multilingual technical ­service staff.

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We now offer bicycle rentals! 

You can discover Katakolo and the surrounding area from another perspective and tour the port and its most important sightseeings by bike

  • Pursuit of total customer satisfaction.
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Katakolo -­ Agios Andreas

On marvelous beach of Agios Andreas in Katakolo, below Pontikokastro, the mountain of St. Andrew and over Ancient Pheias the unprecedented combination of green and sea attracts visitors and gives the summer breeze dreaming. Amazing and evening, with the sun blushes every evening, the time that reigns and hided Zakynthos. Operate restaurants and cafes.



6km from Katakolo

It has a small and a large beach and both are characterized by dark sand and rocks that surround it. This is a fairly popular destination each year.


Bouka Karakohori

5 km from Katakolo

One of the most “live” but both “virgin” beaches on the west bank. Blonde sands and blue waters are the ingredients for a special summer exit. An organized beach with café and restaurant.


Skafidia beach

5km from Katakolo

Many say that it is one of the most beautiful beaches in our country, and those who visit it then support this claim! The beach of Skafidia, which was named after its shape, remains picturesque and has a wild beauty. The cove gathers hundreds of visitors daily while a cafeteria – restaurant in the area.

Where are we?
Our motorbike rental is situated exactly at the entrance of the Port of Katakolo.